Egg Donation

For potential egg donors

If you are a women age 32 and younger and are interested in becoming an egg donor, please call our office for information.


For intended parents

It can be difficult to find a donor to meet your needs if you are limited to the donors at hand in your clinic. To help solve this problem, severe frozen donor egg banks have been created. The techniques for freezing and thawing eggs has become fairly standard. Each egg bank verifies the receiving labís (us) ability to thaw the eggs.

We have chosen Fairfax Egg Bank as our source for eggs. They operate a very successful IVF program in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area. They are very familiar with gamete banking since they have operated on of the largest donor sperm banks in the world for over 20 years. To increase the variety of donors, they collaborate with 5 other IVF centers around the country to collect eggs. This gives them the ability to fill almost any donor egg need.

If you are looking for an egg donor, please call our office to discuss possibilities.




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